Turn your extra boxes of diabetic test strips into quick CASH and BLESS another person who needs them.

3 Easy Steps!

Sell diabetic test strips


Get a Quote, Choose Mailing and Payment Method, and Place Your Order

Use the Pricing Calculator, choose your mailing and payment preferences, then submit your order online. To see if a brand that is not in the pricing calculator is accepted, please email us directly at Contact Us

Please note: Prices in the Pricing Calculator are for boxes expiring at different times with prices adjusted accordingly. You select the pricing category based on how many months are left until the box expires. We buy test strips only 5 months from expiration. Then, on the next page enter the number of boxes in each condition: Good, Fair, and Poor. Use box pictures to the right with conditions and prices for each as a guide. (please note: most online test strips buyers will purchase boxes only in mint condition and one year from expiring)

Before using the Pricing Calculator, inspect your test strip boxes closely. Only brand new, unused test strips are saleable. Read the brand name of your strips, the number of test strips per box (usually 50ct or 100ct). Decide how many extra boxes you have to sell. Find the expiration dates on the boxes. Expiration dates must be present and readable. Test strips cannot be expired. Do not open boxes. We do not accept open boxes, resealed boxes, or broken seals. Leave any labels on the box. Do not try to remove them. Carefully and neatly mark through any private information with a Sharpie. We have our own label removal system. Badly torn or dented boxes are not accepted.

There is a 5 box minimum to receive a pre-paid postage mailing box, unless they are 100ct boxes. If you have less than 5 boxes or if you are in a hurry and don’t want to wait for our prepaid box, simply pack the test strips carefully in a sturdy small cardboard box of your own. On your order, choose if you want a prepaid box mailed to you or if you want to ship in your own box and be reimbursed for postage. Choose to be paid by PayPal or Business Check.

For more than 20 boxes please contact us directly. Wholesalers may Contact Us directly

Condition Guidlines

Acceptable Boxes

Good Condition (Mint)

Sell Diabetic Test Strips in Good or Mint Condition
Unacceptable Boxes

Fair Condition (Creased)

Sell Diabetic Test Strips in Fair Condition

Poor Condition (Small surface tears and label residue)

Sell Diabetic Test Strips in Poor Condition

Unacceptable Conditions for Selling Your Diabetic Test Strips

Pre-Paid Postage Available for Selling Your Test Strips


Pack and Mail Your Diabetic Test Strips

Once your online order is received, if you chose to receive a pre-paid mailing kit, we will rush you a priority box and a pre-paid postage label. Simply assemble the box, place your test strips boxes inside, tape the box shut and affix the postage label. You can use the outer plastic envelope as packing material to gently cushion your test strips boxes, then tape the US Priority Box closed and mail at the post office.

There is a 5 box minimum to receive a pre-paid box. If you have less than 5 boxes or don’t want to wait to receive a pre-paid box, carefully pack in your own small cardboard box, buy the postage, and mail. If your shipment is less than 5 boxes and mailed First Class; we will reimburse you for shipping when you receive your payment. We always pay FREE SHIPPING for all boxes received by Test Strips Rescue whether we send you a prepaid box or you provide your own box.

Get Paid Quickly for Selling Your Diabetic Test Strips


Get Paid Quickly

Once we receive your shipment and verify the expiration dates/condition of your boxes with your online order, we will send you an email with the final amount you have earned. If the boxes are as described you will receive the full amount. If they are not as described, an explanation of any price adjustment will be made. We pay for your diabetic test strips lightning fast within 1 Business Day by sending your payment by PayPal or mailing a business check to you. Please note, if you receive payment by PayPal, you will be charged a small processing fee by PayPal.

Some terms and conditions may apply. Please read our FAQ