Why should I sell my test strips to Test Strips Rescue?

Test Strips Rescue offers top prices, fast payment, and is the acquisition division of a trustworthy, established charitable organization, Diabetes-Get Involved, since 2010. We are recommended by doctors, pharmacies, and social workers, providing diabetic supplies and services to more than 14 non-profit diabetic organizations and individuals in the community with your help.

    Is it legal to sell my test strips?

Yes it is. Diabetic test strips are available in drug stores and pharmacies over the counter, and can be resold, even though prescribed.

    What do you do with the test strips?

Test Strips Rescue provides diabetic supplies and support for more than 14 diabetic non-profit organizations. Please see the "About Us" page to learn more. Individuals needing help are referred to us by social agencies, pharmacies, and doctor's offices. Some of the test strips are sold to uninsured and underinsured individuals who buy them for up to a 75% discount in order for us to be able to provide these services. We also accept donations of test strips and funds.

    What brands do you buy and how much will I be paid?

Please see our price calculator page for the test strips that we purchase. We pay based on the expiration date and condition of the box, which can be seen on the price calculator.

    How many boxes can you accept?

In order to receive a prepaid box from us you must be selling a minimum of 5 boxes. If you have less you have the option to send them to us in your own box and we will provide you with a First Class prepaid label by email. Please contact us by phone first for orders over 20 boxes.

    What is your expiration date requirement?

We only buy boxes that are 5 months or more from expiring. We prefer as long a shelf life as possible, but can still help many diabetics who will use the shorter dated boxes.

    Do you accept test strips boxes that are damaged?

Yes, we do accept some types of minor damage, but do not pay full price for them. Please use the quote page for details. Other test strips buyers only purchase boxes in perfect condition.

    Do I remove pharmacy labels?

No, because this usually causes damage. You can mark over personal information using a soft marker. Do not use a pen that can also scratch a box. We have a label removing system .

    How do I prevent boxes from getting damaged during shipping?

Pack the boxes carefully in the sturdy cardboard shipping box. Plastic bags or paper can be added to cushion them to prevent movement during shipment.

    Can you describe the payment process?

Yes, once you have entered your boxes into the pricing calculator for a quick quote, you will be directed to enter your information to order a prepaid box. On that form you can choose to be paid by business check or PayPal. Once your strips are received, we will notify you by email of your final quote and confirm your release of payment within 24 hours.

    Is my personal information kept private?

Yes, it is. We do not share any of your personal information with any third parties. You can learn more about this in our “Terms”.

    How does selling my test strips to Test Strips Rescue help the environment?

Many people who do not know about us throw their extra boxes of test strips away and they end up in the landfill. By thinking green you can protect the environment, get paid, and help other diabetics who are without test strips....a Win, Win, Win situation.