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DIABETES-GET INVOLVED (DGI) is a charitable organization serving the community since 2010. Test Strips Rescue is the division of the organization whose primary activity is to save lives by recycling unused diabetic test strips we acquire from people who have extras. Then we redistribute them to diabetic children and adults who can’t afford to test. We accept all other diabetic and medical supplies as a donation and rehome them through donating them to many of the organizations listed below.

Test Strips Rescue acquires extra diabetic test strips from people with an excess for a variety of legitimate reasons ranging from their blood glucose meter being replaced by their doctor and their test strips become incompatible with the new meter; test strips get left behind when a relative dies; test strips were only needed during pregnancy, the person's diabetes normalized and they no longer need to test, and a host of other reasons. Some diabetic test strips are donated to us; others we purchase new sealed in the box to recycle rather than allowing them to expire and go to waste or be discarded into the landfill. We then donate them to impoverished diabetics. Uninsured or underinsured people who can afford to do so can purchase boxes for up to 75% discount through our test strips distribution. We accept diabetic test strips donations and monetary funds as a donation.

  • Offers mentoring and referral resources to diabetics in the community. We operate daily at street level locally; meeting diabetics in person every day with physical, financial, emotional, dietary, and mental difficulties as a result of this debilitating disease and attempt to point them to help.

  • Raises public awareness about juvenile and adult diabetes, the growing worldwide diabetes epidemic, and why it is crucial for diabetics to be able to test their blood glucose levels.

  • Donates funds and supplies to other non profit organizations to advance diabetes research, diabetes education, disease management, advocacy, diabetic and medical supply dispersal.

  • Purchases diabetic supplies from other non-profit diabetes organizations to fund their charitable projects to help diabetics and impoverished children.

  • We Donate To...
    The American Diabetes Association
    The Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund

    Who We Help...

    American Diabetes Association
    Support the ADA to help find a cure for diabetes.

    Appalachian Childrens Outreach For diabetic children in critical care who develop diabetes as a secondary condition.

    Life for a Diabetic
    Acquire test strips for essential care for diabetics; education, screening, and awareness programs.

    Hope Clinic
    For local uninsured diabetics.

    National Hospice Foundation
    For terminally ill diabetics.

    International Diabetes Federation Support IDF programs getting supplies and diabetes awareness to the world.

    Insulin for Life supplies
    For diabetics in disaster areas.

    Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)
    Support for a cure for Type I Diabetes

    Diabetic Rockstar
    Support and supplies for age 20s Type 1 Diabetics

    Lighting the Way Foundation
    Bring about diabetes awareness locally, nationally, and globally

    World Medical Relief
    For hospitals and clinics in developing countries and provide for local diabetics.

    Sathyaveda Ministries
    For diabetics in the clergy and free clinics in India.

    Life for a Child
    Raise funds for diabetic children globally

    Crazy Praise
    Christian praise music for youth and young adults

    To donate test strips please Contact us.

    Thank you for helping diabetics worldwide.

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    A Charitable Organization Since 2010

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